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This precious herbal tea is made with Reishi, which is also known as the mushroom of immortality. Use to help boost immunity and to ensure longevity.

Emperor's Secret Classic Tea #4910

$8.50/30 teabags

This tea has been designed to help balance the metabolism and blood sugar.

Essential Harmony Classic Tea #3925

$8.50/30 teabags

Used to aid in the lowering of cholesterol.

Panta Tea #4920
$7.50/30 teabags


This tea is formulated to aid in relaxation and calming spirit.

Shen Tea #4940

$7.50/30 teabags

This well-known formulas for fighting a cold and/or flu.

Yin Chiao Chich Tu Tea #4955

$7.50/30 teabags


This formula has been designed to help loose wait and increase metabolism.

Bojemi Tea


$5.80/20 teabags


This classic high-grade tea is deliciously prepared. Green teas are dried with heat immediately after picking and undergo no fermentation. They have the most antioxidant properties and very little caffeine.

China Green Tea #2988




The most popular traditional flavor enhancer for teas is jasmine, tiny rose buds.

Flowered Teas




These tea leaves are lightly roasted making the tea lighter in color and aroma. White teas has the least amount of caffeine. 

White Tea




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