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For mass abdominal pain.


"Stasis in the lower palace"

Shao Fu Qhu Yu Tang #3389

$12.50 / 200 pills

For irregular menstruation pains, dysmenorrheal, breast distention.

"Soothe the Liver"

Chai Hu Shu Can Wan #3372

$10.00 / 200 pills

For excessive emotion with loss of self control, impulsiveness, excessive worry, over thinking, menopausal syndrome, depression.

"Calm spirit"
Gan Mai Da Zao #3383
$12.00 / 200 pills

Good general blood tonic for women. For chronic blood deficiency, fatigue and weakness.

"Angelic Tea Pills"
Dang Gui Wan # 3690
$18.00 / 200 pills

Excellent women's tonic. Useful for fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitate, irregular menstruation.


"Women's Precious Pills"

Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan #3742

$10.00 / 200 pills

Relieves stagnation. regulates menstruation. Stops cramp pains.

"Stasis in lower abdomen"

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang #3347

$12.00 / 200 pills

For infertility, irregular menstruation, coldness and pain in the lower abdomen.

"Warm cycle"
Wen Zing Tang Wan #3351
$12.00 / 200 pills

For hypochondriac pain, genital itching, and leucorrhea.

"Drain the liver"
Long Dan Xie Gau Tang # 3775
$10.50 / 100 tablets

For irregular menstruation, P.M.S., anemia, and stress acne.

Xiao Yao Wan #3676

$10.00 / 200 pills

For frequent or dribbling urination.

"Five ancestors"

Wu Zi Yang Zong Wan #3705

$12.00 / 200 pills

For yeast infection, leucorrhea, irregular menstrual cycle.

Chien Chin Chin Tai Wan #3412
$12.00 / 120 pills

For abdominal pain, dysmenorrheal, cramps, irregular menstrual cycle.

"Stasis in the lower chamber"
Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang # 3362
$12.90 / 200 pills

For excessive stress, irregular menstruation, breast distention, fibrocystic breast, P.M.S., cramp pains.


"Free and easy"

Tia Wei Xiao Yao Wan #3370

$10.50 / 100 tablets

For menopause hot flashes, night sweating, insomnia, heat in soles of feet and/or palms.

"Abundant Yin"

Da Bre Yin Wan #3716

$10.00 / 200 pills

For menopausal hot flashes.

"Eight flavor teapills"
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan #3630
$10.00 / 200 pills

For dissolve modules, ovarian cyst, and fibroids. Regulates menstrual cycle.

"Cinnamon twig"
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan # 3365E [economy size]
$37.45 / 1000 pills


For P.M.S., palpitation, depression, and fatigue.


"Two immortals"

Er Xian Tang Wan #3364

$10.00 / 200 tablets

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