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For dry cough. Nourishes lung and stomach. Generates fluid. Moistens dryness.


"Autumn Rain"

Sha Shen Wai Wen Dong Wan #3388

$15.00 / 200 pills

Dissolves phlegm, calms wheezing, and clears heat. For R.T.I., bronchitis, and pneumonia.


Bai Xing Shi Gan Wan #3375

$12.00 / 200 pills

For chronic persistent cough, asthma, and emphysemas.

"Tonify the Lungs"
Bu Fei Wan #3352
$15.00 / 200 pills

Clears lung inflammation, resolves phlegm, and/or stops cough with yellow, sticky phlegm. Also helps bronchitis.

"Clean Air pills"
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan #3745
$12.00 / 200 pills

Clears lung inflammation, resolves difficult to expel phlegm. Good for bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema.


"Clear Mountain Air"

Ding Chuan Wan #3317

$12.00 / 200 pills

Dissolves phlegm, stops cough. Helps prevent the sensation of something being caught in the throat.

"Pinellia and Magnolia"

Ban Xia Huo Po Wan #3335

$12.00 / 200 pills

Helps stop coughing, good for chronic bronchitis, asthma and labored breathing.

"Relieve Dyspnea Pills"
Ping Chuan Pian #3979
$13.95 / 100 pills

Resolves phlegm, stops cough, sedates. For chronic bronchitis, asthma, and labored breathing.

"Bronchitis Cough Pills"
Qi Guan Yan Wan # 3916
$15.00 / 200 tablets

Nourishes and moistens lung yin, benefits kidney yin. Good for chronic dry cough and night sweats.

"Eight Immortal Pills for Longevity"

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan #3663
$12.00 / 200 pills

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