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For dizziness, irregular scanty menstrual flow, anemia, uriticaria, and deficiency of blood.

Si Wu Tang Wan #3355

$10.00 / 200 pills

Tonifies the Zi, nourish the blood, for irregular menstruation, haziness, and heart palpitation. 

Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan "women's precious tea pills" #3741

$10.00 / 200 pills

Great Tonifing Pills, (tonifies Qi and blood) Energy Supplement, immune stimulate and night sweating, hot flashes, restlessness, menopausal.

Shen Qi Da Bu Wan #3684
$10.00 / 200 pills

Tonifies spleen and heart, forgetfulness, palpitations without anxiety, insomnia, anxiety and phobia, reduced appetite, and pale completion.

Gui Pi Wan #3691
$10.00 / 200 pills

Helps the immune system, also the constipation of aging people.

Dong Chong Xia Cao "Cordyceps" #3041

$25.00 / 200 pills

For damp-cold-wind, chronic joint pain, difficult moving, muscle spasms, and peripherical nervous disorder.

Siberian Ginseng "Eleuthero" #3060

$15.00 / 200 pills

Classic tonify formula. Regulates the middle.

Si Jun Zi Tang "four gentlemen" #3366
$12.00 / 200 pills


A classic formula- tonifies the middle.

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan #3668
$15.00 / 90 pills
$25.00 / 180 pills

Tonifies the kidney-yang and lowers blood pressure.

Cortex Eucammiae

$10.00 / 200 pills

Helps hearing loss due to old age.

Er Long Zuo Ci Wan "pill for deafness" #3674

$15.00 / 200 pills


Nourishes the Kidney, Liver, Spleen, and helps tonify Qi.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan "six flavor" #3621
$12.00 / 200 pills

Tonifies the Kidney, nourish Ying especially benefits the Eyes, Impotence, infertility, oligomenorrhea, poor sperm quality.

Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan "Five Ancestors" #3705
$15.00 / 200 pills

Restores, nourishes, rejuvenates the energy.

Ginko Plus "Extract"

$25.00 / 30 vials


For menstrual disorders; amenorrhea dysmenorrheal, infertility, menstrual cramps, and PMS.

Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan #3781

$15.00 / 200 pills


For post-struck syndrome, paralysis, hemiplegia, atrophy of lower limbs, and facial paralysis.

Bu Yang Huan Wan #3349

$15.00 / 200 pills


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