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This infusion is very powerful.

Angelica Root #415

$6.00/10 packets

This tea has been designed to help balance the metabolism and blood sugar.

Ban Lan Gen Chongji #3734

$7.50/20 packets

Use for the common cold, influenza, and viral or bacterial infections.

Ban Lan Gen Chong #3734
$7.00/10 packets


Use for stomatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis or oral infections.

Chrysanthemum Instant #431

$3.70/10 packets

Use for sore throat, tonsillitis, oral infection or gingivitis.

Honeysuckle #432

$5.50/20 packets


This formula has been designed to help sore throats and oral infections.

Ginger Drink #414


$8.15/10 packets


This classic high-grade tea is deliciously prepared. Green teas are dried with heat immediately after picking and undergo no fermentation. They have the most antioxidant properties and very little caffeine.

Korean Ginseng Tea #4906

$16.50/100 packets